The Real Me

The Real Me

Friday, March 1, 2013

A fresh start

Best intentions... I just spent the past four hours working on my new website.  I had planned to have it go live today, but am discovering that it is taking much more time to create than I expected.  It is, however, a labor of love, and worth doing well, so I am now allowing myself the remainder of the weekend.  With a new promise to have it ready by Monday.

The experience of collecting and posting the images of my artwork of the past 15 years is kinda fun, kinda surprising, and definitely jogging my memory.  Places where I have traveled, scenes from my childhood, paintings that I had long forgotten.  Some of them I may even paint again, to see how I might approach them differently now, perhaps with a slightly different (evolved?!) style.

And in the middle of that four hours, an email arrived from my daughter with the subject line "just found this, thought I should send it along."  It was the audio file of my delivery of that eulogy that I referenced in my last blog post.  I clicked on it, and heard my own voice start talking to me.  And then, I couldn't figure out how to turn it off!  So, I had to listen... even tried walking away for a little while, and then just turning the volume way down... but came back to it, just at the end, with the Steve Jobs quote that I also quoted in my last blog post.  It came at me again.

And as I'm sharing that experience with you right now, a smile has spread over my face. "Aha!  I get it!"  I've just spent the past four hours doing that thing that I know that I need to do to be authentically me.  I'm sharing my art with the world.  I am reclaiming the title of artist for myself, after having walked away from it, mostly, for the past six months.

In summation... I'm back!
Day 1 - 3"h x 5" w - $30

Oh - and I did start the "30 paintings in 30 days" effort today.  That's 30 little mini-Mimi's, in 30 days, that I will offer at $30 each.  Here's the first one.  Enjoy!

Now stop reading at your computer and go share some love... make a phone call, write a thank you note, give a surprise hug.  Just share it.


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