The Real Me

The Real Me

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I've just re-read my last blog entry.  It was written during a particularly emotional time.  I found it tremendously healing just to write it out.

I'm finding myself reaching more and more for words, and less and less for paint.  I know that I'll come back to it, but for now, I need to give expression to the myriad of thoughts running through my head as I watch daily life unfold.  And I'm finding that others are encouraged, and made more thoughtful, in my doing so.

I've started a new performance piece, called "Reading Out Loud."  It's been a huge success, both times.  Now I need to find new venues, and ways to make it wider reaching.  Any ideas?  Please do share with me.

I had opportunity to preach a sermon in church this past Sunday.  And ended up essentially expanding a piece that I had already written for "Reading Out Loud," a piece that refers to the power of words, and names, and how we talk about, and to, one another.

Interesting - that last blog entry.  I didn't even remember it to be so, but it too refers to the power that our words have on others.  Seems to be a common thread.

The word is powerful.  Both written, and spoken.  I believe that we all need to do our best each and every day to be a voice of positive, loving encouragement to others.  There is so much negativity out there... and whining and complaining.  Let's be thoughtful in how we use our words to lift up one another, rather than to tear down.

Then, Mimi thinks to herself, "Let's have a go of this writing thing.  With God's help, I pray."