The Real Me

The Real Me

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hello everyone!  It's been quite a while since I've posted.  Time to get back to it.

These will be postings of whatever happens to be running through my mind at the time.  Some will be about creativity, others spirituality, and still others... well, who knows what!

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Ok... so here's my first posting!

April 20.

Whatever way you write it, the date has significant meanings in such a variety of ways.

My mother's 80th birthday is today.
Fenway Park celebrates its own 100th anniversary.
It is also the birthday of Adolf Hitler.
Which means it is also the anniversary of the Columbine school tragedy.
And, for another part of the population, 420 has a different silly meaning (you're gonna have to Google this one if you don't already know the meaning of 420 day!)

Such a variety of experiences packed into one day.

That's life, isn't it?  We have a choice, each and every day that we get out of bed, to decide what experiences will pack our day.  Will we choose to focus on the drama?  On the tragedy?  On the darkness?  Or on the joy and blessings and beauty?

My mother was grumpy today, and insisted that April 20 is tomorrow, not today.  There was no dissuading her.  So the cake and flowers and gifts that I took to her didn't mean a whole lot to her.  Such a shame.

Fenway Park is basking in the sunshine.  Oh Sweet Caroline...

I'm going to say a prayer for the tragic losses of the day, but not dwell on them.

And as to the silly... well, it's only 2:39 as I write this, not 4:20 yet.

What meaning will YOU give to this day? Where will you focus your energy?

Will you look for ways to tear others apart, or ways to spread joy, and show gratitude?

It's up to you.

Be sad, or be silly.

You decide.