The Real Me

The Real Me

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A new day...

It's done.  Finished.

The novel.

Yes, I know.  I've said it before.  October 15, 2013, to be exact.  I was in query process for an agent.

But it didn't work, then.  So I asked a few trusted wise women to read it, and discuss it with me.  Went back to the proverbial drawing board, or in this case the writer's desk. Added characters. Allowed new plot twists. It grew from 69,000 words to 87,000 words. I read it again. Revised. Read again. Revised. Read again. And changed the title.

It's done.  Again.  And I spent the past week writing the next batch of query letters, to seek an agent, the perfect agent.  The one who "gets it" and wants to help me share the story with the world.

Now it's time to let it rest.  See what comes back.  I must be patient.

The good news?  During my last full read through, on April 1 (April Fools' Day - gotta love that!), I found myself laughing out loud, cursing at the antagonist, cheering on my beloved protagonist.  Yes, after reading variations on the same novel, over and over and over and OVER again, for the past six months, I still love it.  So whatever happens, whether it ever reaches the New York Time Bestseller list, I have written what I felt compelled to write, and I feel good about it. No, correct that.  I feel in awe of it.  Comparable to the training I did to complete my marathon back in 2005.  A disciplined process, showing up at the page every morning. Did the work on my own, but with the love and support and encouragement of a whole team of friends who cheered me on in the face of what looked like a ridiculous waste of time.  I did it!

The bad news?  You still have to wait to learn more.  Sorry about that.

Meanwhile - I have this lovely new gallery/studio to enjoy.  Time to get back to the paints.  Please do stop by to say hello.  I'm at 410 West Falmouth Highway, right next to the Chapoquoit Grill restaurant. I'm experimenting with what hours I'll be open, so just give a call or text before you come by and I'll be sure to be there. 508-548-3278

Now, step away from your computer, go out into the sunshine and breathe in some gorgeous spring air!  And thank you, as always, for reading my blog.