The Real Me

The Real Me

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A fifth chance...

Often, life offers us a second chance.  Less often, we are offered a third, fourth, or even fifth chance.

Three years ago today, I took the sign down for Mimi's Art Gallery and Studio on 95 Palmer Avenue in Falmouth.
March 12, 2011
95 Palmer Avenue
the sign comes down!

Today, exactly three years later, I am blessed to rehang the very same sign at 410 West Falmouth Highway, West Falmouth (next to the Chapoquoit Grill on 28A)

My first thought when I came home the night I got the okay on renting the space was "Wow, God, you're giving me a second chance!  This is amazing!"
March 12, 2014
410 West Falmouth Highway
the sign finds a new home!

After further thought, I realized this is actually the 5th incarnation for the gallery.  First there was a tiny breezeway gallery in my home in West Falmouth back in 1997.  Followed by a larger studio and gallery space in my home in North Falmouth in 2001.  Followed by the commercial retail space at 95 Palmer Avenue in 2009.  Then a small studio space at the Cataumet Arts Center in 2011 for just a few months.  Then a period of only a home studio and website.

Each one of these locations served its own unique purpose at its time in my life. I consider not a single one to have been a failure.  I believe (and hope, oh so very much hope) that I have learned something from each of those other experiences that will enable me to make a better go of things this time around.   This time, the fifth time, there is a new, vibrant energy.

It is located immediately adjacent to the Chapoquoit Grill restaurant, so I intend to be open most evenings, to coincide with the restaurant's open hours, as well as Saturday mornings. Significantly smaller than the gallery many of you knew at 95 Palmer Avenue, the focus will be mainly as working studio, with ample wall space for gallery display. Other details? Stay tuned!  They will evolve over the weeks ahead.

When asked during the past several years "what do you miss most about your gallery?" my answer was an easy one.  Hands down, it was the opportunity to meet new people every day, and share my work with them - to hear their reactions, their questions, their stories about how art influences their lives.  For there is no greater reward, in this artist's humble opinion, than to see someone's eyes light up, and a grin spread on their face, when they view one of my creations.

Today, a new chapter begins.  Each painting tells a story, and I am learning to more boldly tell mine.  And yes, the novel is still in process, but more on that in another blog entry.

With deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who share this journey with me,



edwagman said...

Best wishes with your new venture from you old eye doc back in PA, weekending in Ocean View, DE.

Diane Bayha said...

I wish you the best, Mimi, in your new and exciting venture. Your positive energy speaks for itself. Diane

Steph said...

Congrats, Mimi! That's awesome!!

Milt Williamson said...

Good luck Mimi with this new location. Perfect place to browse while waiting for a table. Milt